Official / Certified Translations

Official / Certified Translations

A legal translation is a translation that can be made only by a legal or certified translator who is authorised for performance of this activity by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic pursuant to Act No. 382/2004 and registered in the list of experts, interpreters and translators kept by the Ministry of Justice.

Individual pages of the written translation shall be numbered and bound together with the original document with a string. The free ends of the string are covered by a sticker stamped with the official stamp of the certified translator.

The written certified translations includes:

  • title sheet stating “Translation”
  • name of the client
  • annexes
  • translator’s apostil

The translator’s apostil includes identification data of the translator, field in which the translator is authorised to translate, and the serial number of the translation job from the translator’s logbook.


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